Airflow Modelling Software – GrBEST

Green Building Environment Simulation Technology (GrBEST)

What is BIM for Airflow Modelling?

GrBEST building airflow modelling software is the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) airflow modelling and simulation coupled with the geometry input from BIM-REVIT.  CFD enables airflow simulation over an estate landscape and within the building interior to be conducted as a design optimization and assessment tool towards achieving a comfortable naturally ventilated environment in buildings in the Tropics.

How to do this in BIM?

It enables seamless workflow from the early Revit-centric drawing stage by exporting the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file from BIM-REVIT to the geometry input file for airflow simulation analysis.

What are the benefits of GrBEST over the other CFD simulation tools?

As GrBEST software is cost-effective, user friendly, and improves turnaround time (from 2 weeks to potentially less than 2 days for a typical building development simulation), it motivates architects/consultants to widely adopt the tools to implement good natural ventilation strategies at the early design stage.

Brief details of the R&D project supported by BCA

BCA worked with A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) and local industry practitioners, Building System and Diagnostics Pte Ltd and RightViz Solutions Pte Ltd to  develop the GrBEST as a simple, efficient and cost effective CFD solution.  It aims to assist green building practitioners to meet the CFD simulation requirements for natural ventilation under the Green Mark scheme. With funding support from MND, the pilot GrBEST version was soft launched for trial by industry in Mar 2014.

  •  Image of airflow modelling and simulation
GrBEST simulation result
Figure 1: GrBEST simulation result



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