Obayashi Corporation

Obayashi Corporation shares their experience in BIM implementation and how BIM has benefited them.

1. Q: Your company has applied for funding under BCA’s BIM Fund. Without the funding, would your company have embarked on BIM? If yes, why and if no, why?
Obayashi CorporationA: Yes, our Japan HQ embarked on BIM, we have to embark on BIM too. However, the extent to which BIM application may be limited without BCA’s BIM funding.Obayashi Corporation

2. Q: Some of the challenges faced by companies in implementing BIM are the change of mindset and manpower training. In these aspects, how does your company help the staff to transit from 2D to 3D modelling and motivate them to go for training? What are the training programmes that your company has or intend to put in place to build up your staff members’ capability and capacity in BIM?

  • We send staff for regular relevant training.
  • Provide more benefit for BIM Modeler.
  • Find BIM capable employee in market.
  • Learn from experienced persons or BIM Specialists.
  • Implement BIM in stages if possible.
  • All new employees are required to go for training if applicable.

3. Q: Can you give us one or two examples of other issues your company faced when implementing BIM in your projects and how these were overcome?

  • Not enough manpower – More educate/train the staff to get more productivity.
  • Not much BIM capable Sub-Contractor in market – We share our knowledge and experience.

4. Q: Can you share with us some of the lessons learnt in your company’s BIM implementation and what are the things that other companies should look out for when implementing BIM?

  • Get a full time trainer to guide BIM staff at least 3 months.
  • Regular in-house staff training, learn from each other.
  • Start BIM from a simple project.

5. Q: With BIM becoming more widely adopted in the international arena, how will your company prepare for this new era of using BIM technologies for projects?

  • Keep on updating company’s BIM standards, processes and workflows.
  • Research on software, hardware and method of collaboration.

6. Q: What else do you think BCA can do to help the industry move beyond just 3D modelling and project collaboration in BIM?
A: BCA should provide more BIM courses with cheaper fee.