Mr Webb Poh

Mr Webb Poh
Mr Webb Poh Wee Kiat,
BIM Specialist, CPG Corporation Pte Ltd

In hopes of securing better career prospects, Webb underwent a Specialist Diploma course in BIM to expand his skill sets in May 2011.

Upon completion of the course, his job scope has since expanded to encompass in-house model asset management  and liaising with various stakeholders across a multitude of projects. Some examples include, conducting staff trainings, mentoring a team on on-going BIM projects, managing the BIM implementation processes and keeping updated with the latest BIM technologies. All of which, raises productivity levels and encourages the effective use of resources.

Webb feels that his earlier contributions as a BIM modeller have since been minimised. Instead, his polished skill sets now enable him to tackle more sophisticated and challenging problems in the field.

With his added expertise, Webb acknowledges that the management at CPG has not only recognised his potential by offering him several avenues of growth. The company’s active efforts to nurture and groom him has opened many windows of opportunities in his career, which he is certainly thankful for. That aside, his fellow colleagues also regard him as a strong team player and would constantly approach him for guidance.

With an increasing demand for BIM expertise in the recent years, Webb believes that the potential for growth in this arena is far greater than what we anticipate.