Mr Qin Hao

Hear from Mr Qin Hao as he shares his BIM learning journey, experiences and work with us.

1. Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself and the work you do?
Mr Qin Hao
Mr Qin Hao,
Executive, BCA

A: My name is Qin Hao, graduated from BCA Academy, majored in Diploma in Construction Information Technology. Currently, as an Executive of CCIT department in Building & Construction Authority. Our department mainly focuses on improving construction productivity through the new construction technology. I am also involved in BCAA BIM modelling courses as a teaching assistant.

2. Q: What motivated you to take up the 3-year full-time Diploma in Construction Information Technology programme at BCA Academy?
A: BIM will definitely bring a new area of construction. The courses in Construction Information Technology cover the fundamental knowledge of architecture through the introduction and the use of BIM. I participated in the last two BIM competitions, which enables me to learn more about BIM when I was still a student in BCA Academy. BIM itself is changing the working way of designers, consultants, contractors as well as project owners. Moreover, BIM can link all the works together so that it is more convenient to conduct the whole project. Hence, it provides us young generation more chances to find out our own roles. I firmly believe that BIM will become the DNA of future construction.

3. Q: As one of the graduates from the course, can you share with us your views of the course? What did you learn from the course?
A: Firstly, the rapid development of science and technology opens up new avenues for design, and BIM is no exception. The course is more focusing on BIM application for design analysis, productive design and construction coordination, which enables us to start our BIM journey more easily and quickly. From the course, I learned a lot on developing building drawings and documentation conforming to industry standards and practices through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).What’s more, I benefited on how to analyze design of building by integrating various building services and applying productive design and construction coordination through BIM solution.

4. Q: What is your current job scope or portfolio? Is the remuneration package as what you expected?
A: I am now working with our BCAA BIM consultant to help construction industry to improve construction productivity and the level of integration and collaboration across the various disciplines in the construction value chain. As a fresh graduate student, I myself think that how much I can earn is not the most important point. What I care more is that what I can do for my department and what I can learn from my current job. How much I can earn is also part of the reflection of my job. And working in BCA is my best chances to learn from our BIM experts and understand construction from national point of view.

5. Q: What advice would you give to those who would like to take up a career in BIM technology?
A: In the future, BIM will definitely be an essential knowledge for people who would like to work towards construction. However, BIM cannot stand alone. It must work with other knowledge. So how to link and combine BIM with other knowledge as well as technology may be a very important part in the near future.