WOHA Architects Pte Ltd

WOHA Architects shares their experience in BIM implementation and how BIM has benefited them.

 WOHA Architects Pte Ltd
1. Q: Your company has applied for funding under BCA’s BIM Fund. Without the funding, would your company have embarked on BIM? If yes, why and if no, why?
A: Yes, we see the benefit of transitioning to BIM in terms of improving the design and documentation workflow as well as productivity gains.

2. Q: Some of the challenges faced by companies in implementing BIM are the change of mindset and manpower training. In these aspects, how does your company help the staff to transit from 2D to 3D modelling and motivate them to go for training? What are the training programmes that your company has or intend to put in place to build up your staff members’ capability and capacity in BIM?
A: The initial stage of implementing BIM was tough when there was insufficient trained staff. But as more projects adopted BIM, staff started to see the benefit and this generated a keen interest to pick up the new software. We conduct in-house training and have a mechanism for staff to approach the more experienced BIM users for consultation.

3. Q: Can you give us one or two examples of other issues your company faced when implementing BIM in your projects and how these were overcome?
A: When we first started, we were all new to BIM and there was no “expert” to consult when we encountered problems. BCA’s personnel was ever ready to assist us with our questions and we look for answers on the internet as well.

Another issue we encounter with large projects is that the software we are using is not able to handle the whole project in a single file. The current solution is to split the model into multiple files but cross referencing of files becomes cumbersome. We hope future versions of the software will be improved so that the problem may be resolved.

4. Q: Can you share with us some of the lessons learnt in your company’s BIM implementation and what are the things that other companies should look out for when implementing BIM?
A: New BIM adopters need a lot of hand holding during the initial stage and the office needs to give them an avenue to seek guidance; be it in-house or an external consultant.

5. Q: With BIM becoming more widely adopted in the international arena, how will your company prepare for this new era of using BIM technologies for projects?
A: Thanks to the government making BIM submission mandatory, Singapore firms will be well placed to enter the international arena using BIM technologies, our firm included.

6. Q: What else do you think BCA can do to help the industry move beyond just 3D modelling and project collaboration in BIM?
A: To work with developers and end-users to see the benefit they can reap if they use the BIM model for project life cycle management.