International BIM Competition 2017

Our heartiest congratulations to the International BIM Competition (IBC) 2017 winners!
We are grateful over this year’s submitted work that showed high commitment from the students. We hope for your continuous support in participating the competition next year.
Out of the 66 registered teams , with 352 students’ registration from 9 countries (US, Denmark, Italy, India, Iran, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and Sudan), we have 9 winning teams this year!

Results by team

First Prize :
+ Flickering Invictus (Singapore Polytechnic)
Second Prize:
+ CO- (Singapore Polytechnic)
Third Prize :
+ Optimize (University of Rome, Italy)
+ The Script (BCA Academy)
+ BIM Buddies (Singapore Polytechnic)
+ Camber Crew (Temasek Polytechnic)
+ Cemectil (BCA Academy)
+ Lab 2.4 (University of Pisa, Italy)
+ The Dream Team (Singapore Polytechnic)

Youtube sharing by students



 Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)

Competition details
+ International BIM Competition 2017 Design Brief
+ 4nos A1 ppt Template and Presentation Guide
+ 20 pages A4 ppt Template and Presentation Guide
+ 10 pages A4 Report Template and Presentation Guide

+ Please email the completed Registration Form and email to

+ Please email the self-created link that contain all necessary submittals to by 10 July 2017, 12pm Singapore Time

Houdini 101
+ Introduction to Procedural Modeling with Houdini
Learn Houdini at your own pace (selectively)
+ ArchiCAD learning
+ Grasshopper
+ Dynamo
Generative Components

BCAA Images for your reference