BIM Awards 2017 – Project Category

All winning projects are listed in the link here:

The Platinum and GoldPlus award winners received the certificates from BCA Chief Executive Officer and the Minister for Social and Family Development and the Second Minister in the Ministry of National Development, Mr. Desmond Lee during Singapore Construction Productivity Week 2017 opening ceremony.

NTU – Learning HUB North ( Platinum Award Winning Project)
Mr. Gordon Yu, Assistant BIM Manager, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd:
“Site conditions are usually very stringent for most projects. BIM/VDC helps to identify the constraints and assists the team to plan and coordinate items and resolve these issues upfront.” 

Mr. Ricky A. Masangkay, BIM Manager, KTP Consultants Pte Ltd:
VDC is a BIM driven environment. BIM supports large team workflows, and with advance management through visual planning, it improves project understanding and enables more predictable outcomes.

National Centre for Infectious Diseases and Centre for Healthcare Innovation ( Platinum Award Winning Project)
Mr. Yukio Yasuda, Director, Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC is beyond software technologies that have the ability to enhance project success through upfront collaboration, better integration, cost estimation and time savings.” 

Ms. Chin Oi Ching, Deputy Director, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd:
“End users’ needs presented in BIM-based 3D visualisation provides better clarity and helps a lot in firming up requirements and clinical workflow.” 

Construction Of Tunnels From Crossover Tunnels To Springleaf Station for Thomson‐East Coast Line (Contract T207) ( Platinum Award Winning Project)
Ms. Chuo Wei Ling, BIM Manager, Shimizu Corporation:
“BIM/VDC breaks down the communication barriers through effective sharing of information and knowledge, helps to promote the integration of teamwork and collaboration among project stakeholders.” 

Er. Lin JianJun, Associate Director, Geoconsult Asia Singapore Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC technologies help for early prediction of the soil condition (rock head profile ) for better design and construction methodology adoption in the T207 ES2 shaft construction.” 

Australian International School (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Richard Kuppusamy, Regional Digital Integration Manager, Asia
Lendlease Singapore Pte Ltd:
“Lendlease’s disciplined approach to BIM/VDC implementation plays a foundation role in delivering safety, quality, and productivity through good construction management.” 

Ms. Liaw Woon Pei, Senior Drafter, Rico Engineering Work Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC helps to save time, effort and resources through the digitized approach. With upfront collaboration, BIM/VDC minimises conflicts and re-work during the construction stage and therefore enhance project performance.” 

JTC Chemicals Hub @ Tuas South (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. David Li, BIM Manager, Tat Hin Builders Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC is a necessity that enhances design, manufacture and assembly that provides the complete project snapshot and reliable information. Every project stakeholder can manage their resources effectively through closer integrated collaboration and deliver sustainable innovative projects in a timely manner.” 

JTC Furniture Hub (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Edmund Leong, Senior Manager (ITA, BIM-VDC), Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC is now beyond just supporting “Build-Twice” for the project. It has now become a platform to constantly challenge the team towards higher productivity and better outcomes.” 

JTC Space @ Tuas (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Ye Zaw Lin, Corporate BIM Manager, Tiong Seng Contractors Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC has helped us significantly in the project integration, collaboration and streamlining of our work processes in the whole construction value chain. This has led to higher construction productivity, less abortive works and improvement in project quality delivery.” 

Northpoint City (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Michael Leong, Director, SAA Architects Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC helps to provide a common language between owners, designers and builders, making communication much easier. This is a significant milestone as communication is key, especially in large complex projects.” 

The Wisteria & Wisteria Mall (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
LIM Yeung Mein Eric, Deputy Director, (Architecture; Bim and Design Technology) Surbana Jurong International Consultants Pte Ltd:
“VDC and Building Technology has reached a critical peak in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, where building information modeling (BIM) tools and virtual design and construction (VDC) workflows are already interweaved into our current design and construction ecosystem.” 

Lee Tee Wei, Project Manager, Singapore Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd :
“BIM/VDC enables us to have a clear and unambiguous understanding of the project. The visualizations allow the project team to quickly identify, understand and solve issues which greatly enhances productivity.” 

The Ulu Pandan Bus Depot off Boon Lay Way (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Danny Lim, Project Manager, Tiong Seng Contractors Pte Ltd:
“BIM enables the team to visualize the building design easily, especially in Precast Construction. The team was able to carry out Precast production with high efficiency and Accuracy using the 3D models generated from BIM.” 

Mr. Lim Kok Wah, Director, E-Com Engineering Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC is simply awesome!
Not only did it facilitate communication amongst our engineers, it supported better management within our organisation, bringing about higher efficiency and productivity.” 

Grandeur Park (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)

Mr. Lee Yee Seng, Executive Director, KCL Consultants Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC ‘completes’ building virtually so that stakeholders can detect clashes and modified with ease through 3D visualisation.
BIM/VDC improves productivity as building design are fine-tuned at an early stage.” 

Mr. Chris WONG, Director, BELMACS Pte Ltd:
“Incorporating BIM/VDC entails arduous design and services coordination to avoid abortive works that augur well for multi-stakeholders’ collaboration leading to a successful project completion. It demonstrates our underlying commitment to efficiency and productivity.” 

Hundred Palms Residences (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Laurence Tan Jer Kiat, Managing Director, Consortium 168 Architects Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC technologies have greatly improved design efficiency and accuracy throughout the whole design and construction stage, minimising unforeseen issues and vastly reduced the need for abortive works.” 

Signature at Yishun (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Sun Lixin, Senior Project Manager, Kimly Construction Pte Ltd:
“Adoption of the BIM/VDC principles have enhanced the collaboration amongst the project stakeholders and reduce the risks in construction.” 

Assoc. Prof. Robert Tiong, CEE Team Project Investigator
Associate Professor, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Deputy Director of Centre for Infrastructure Systems
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore:
“The dream is for a game-changing ‘smart crane’ system.  In the future, the system could allow cranes to be operated remotely.” 

Dr. Meghdad Attarzadeh, CEE Team Research Fellow
Research Fellow, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Centre for Infrastructure Systems, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore:
“From the beginning, it’s electronic info that can be passed from one process to another.” 

Tiong Seng Building (GoldPlus Award Winning Project)
Mr. Lim Geok Hwee, Chief Operating Officer, Tiong Seng Properties Pte Ltd:
“The adoption of BIM and VDC in Tiong Seng Building project has greatly benefited the project team in terms of design, time and cost. It empowered up-stream and down-stream project members to optimise design and construction solutions before commencement of construction. The project team was not only able to achieve the pre-defined quantitative objectives, but also benefitted qualitatively by learning from one another through effective cross-disciplinary collaboration.” 

Mr. Ooi Swee Khoon, Managing Director, PSP Solutions Engineering Pte Ltd:
“BIM/VDC communicates and collaborates our effort effectively with our project team, so we are able to reduce risk, waste and allows faster project delivery.”