International BIM Competition 2016

This year we have a total of 196 students’ registration received from Canada, China, India, Iran, Jordan, New Zealand, Korea and Singapore!

The Awards are presented to the students by our Guest of Honour Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, Mr. Lawrence Wong during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW) Opening Ceremony on the 18 May 2016 at Expo, Singapore.

Our heartiest congratulations to 8 winners for International BIM Competition 2016:

1st Prize Winner
EASY Builder
Chosun University. Korea
– Gyumyong. Gwak (Team Lead)
– Beomseok. Go
– Sungin. Lee
– Yunyeong. Lee
– Dain. Park
– Jinseo. Jung
– Sowon Lee
– Seungwoo. Choi

2nd Prize Winner
Team Forze
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
– Venson Teo Jun Ling (Team Lead)
– Tan Jin Kang
– Matthew Tee Woon Tiong
– Jeremy Tang Gun Hao
– Evelyn Chan Jie Yi
– Ni’mah Fatimah binti Aminul Rashid
– Su Latt Tun
– Veem Kumar s/o Anbarasan

3rd Prize Winner
Black Form Design
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Singapore
– Yehezkiel Wiliardy (Team Lead) – SUTD
– Edison – SUTD
– Ong Yong Siang – SUTD
– Mandy Wong Pui Yu – Temasek Poly
– Tam Ching Ping – SIT

3rd Prize Winner
The Darius Architect
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
– Ryan Darius (Team Lead)
– Lee Zhi Wei
– Zhu Lian
– Kieran Christopher Monteiro
– Kong Yong Ze
– Joel Lam Wei Min
– Jeremy Wong Jia Jun

Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
– Sean Chua Xin Wei (Team Lead)
– Chen Yu Chen
– Luo Bi Jun
– Yap Qing Ying
– Siew Yik Kuan
– Tan Xin Min Jean
– Shi Shaokun

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
– Clara Hannah Goh (Team Lead) – SUTD
– Christyasto Priyonggo Pambudi – SUTD
– Mok Jun Wei – SUTD
– Gladys Isabel Jahja – NTU
– Leong Yu Rong – NTU
– Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh – NTU

BCA Academy
– Min Naung (Team Lead)
– Sun Jing Kai
– Xia Cheng Ping
– Than Toe Aung
– Rita Htu Hkaung
– Phone Myat Kyaw
– Kyaw Saw Aung

BCA Academy
– Wu Jiaying (Team Lead)
– Luo Wei Kun
– Li Yijun
– Zheng Mei Huan
– Xie Xue Jia
– Huang He
– Lin Run Fa

Design of an Exhibition Pavillion with Computational Design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) towards Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

Design Challenges include
– Resource Efficiency
– Environmental Impact
– Social Impact
– Modularity
– Prefabrication
– Rapid Assembly
– Maximizing Value
– Minimizing Waste
Further details to be released on 29 August 2016

+ BIM Competition_2016 Registration Form (to be completed & emailed for registration)
+ International BIM Competition_15Aug2016 (Details)
+ Competition Details_15Aug2016 (Details)
+ International BIM Competition_15Aug2016 EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer)
+ International BIM Competition 2016 Sharing (Learning)
+ International BIM Competition 2016 Design Brief(Topic)
+ 4nos A1 Panels Presentation Guide(Deliveries Guide)
+ 10pages A4 Report Guide(Deliveries Guide)
+ 20nos A4 PPT Presentation Guide(Deliveries Guide)
+ International BIM Competition 2016 – Briefing Session @ SP, 20160829(Video Briefing)
+ 2015 Winner Presentation Slides (Video Briefing Content)
+ 2015 Winner Sharing (Video Briefing Content)

For international participants, the competition’s final submission date is 9 September 2016.
For local Singapore participants, there will be two submissions, that is the interim submission on the 7 September and the final submission on the 9 September2016.

Registered local participants before 31July wil be able to receive the T-shirts by 29 August 2016.