BIM Competition 2014

The team leader from BCAA-BUILDACON, BCA Academy, shares his team’s experience and learning points gleaned from the recently concluded BIM Competition 2014.

1. Q: What did you learn from the competition as an individual and as a team working with the different disciplines?
Mr Goh Chia Yee
Mr Goh Chia Yee (Team Leader) Team BCAA-BUILDACON, BCA Academy

A: On the whole, my team has learnt the importance of collaboration among individual disciplines. To
have each member actively participating from the design stages to the completion stages, each of us now has a better understanding of how individual disciplines come together to build a building from scratch. This competition has also provided each one of us with a better understanding not just on each of our discipline’s mastery, it has also opened our eyes to better appreciate what the other disciplines bring to the job.On an individual basis, I have learnt to better value teamwork and the importance of having good communication among the team so as to maintain the integrity of work information as well as work harmony among team members.

2. Q: How has your institution’s BIM curriculum prepared you for the competition?
A:  The school has prepared us well for the competition. However, BIM is a system that is constantly evolving. No matter the institute, we can only get better in BIM through constant usage and application.

3. Q: What did your team learn from the industry mentors and how has his/her guidance and mentorship helped your team in the competition?
A: We were extremely fortunate to come under the mentorship of Mr Gino from Arup Consultants. Through Mr Gino, the team got a better idea of what to expect from the competition and he also help cultivate the importance of collaboration and information exchange among the different disciplines. The team is very appreciative that Mr Gino allows us the freedom to fully express ourselves throughout the competition while keeping his doors open for questions and advice even through the wee hours at night. The team wouldn’t have done it without his dedicated guidance.