BIM Competition 2014

A New Learning Experience

The BIM Competition 2014 in its 4th Edition, saw a total of 20 teams with 147 students from 6 Institutes of Higher Learning completing a project collaboratively over a 4-day period.

This year, the competition focused on providing the participants a unique learning experience to build up their BIM skills and knowledge in an integrated, collaborative environment similar to the real construction world under the guidance of industry practitioners.

20 BIM Managers from 10 organisations mentored, guided and shared their BIM experience and expertise with  the participants during the competition.

Highlights of the Event:

BIM Competition 2014


Two winning teams share their experience and learning points from the competition with us:

  1. Team BCAA-BUILDACON, BCA Academy (1st Runner-Up)
  2. Team Tri Hita Karana, Temasek Polytechnic (2nd Runner-Up)