Organisation Category

The BCA Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awards – Organisation Category recognises outstanding organisations for going the extra mile in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) adoption at the organisation level. The awards aim to:

  • Encourage organisations to adopt BIM/VDC technology and process in their organisations by building up their own BIM/VDC capability and capacity;
  • Recognise organisations for their outstanding examples of BIM/VDC use in enhancing their own productivity.

Winning projects will either receive a Platinum, a GoldPlus or a Gold Award. The Awards are not competitive but standard based. An Award will only be conferred if a suitable entry is received. Several Awards may also be conferred in each category.

A Gold Award will be awarded to an organisation that has adopted good BIM/VDC policy and practices that will help to deliver BIM/VDC products/services consistently. A Platinum Award will only be conferred to an organisation that has displayed exemplary effort in building up his own BIM/VDC capability and other stakeholders’ BIM/VDC capability effectively and innovatively.

Previous award winners can still participate but will only be awarded with higher grade or no award. The award validity period is only three years from the year awarded, as stated in the certificate.