Sheets and plotting

30) The views cannot be added more than one time to the sheets. Have to duplicate and insert.

Autodesk) Duplicate as dependant is still the best way to have the same view on multiple sheets.

31) The Sheet number is unique, when there are part drawings the sheet number might come with extra digits (a, b, … or 1, 2, …) which cannot be shown in the title block for indicating the page number (1 of 55, 2 of 55, etc…)

Autodesk) Wishlist Item. Workaround is to do the part plan numbering manually

32) Revit does not allow 1 drawing number to be used in all Authority Department submissions. For example: 1st Storey Drawing number 1132_A-SK-00101. This drawing number should be used in submission to URA, LTA, NPARKS, etc. Instead, it becomes URA 1132_A-SK-00101 (for URA), LTA 1132_A-SK-00101 (for LTA), etc. There are workarounds to use the same drawing numbers for all authority departments, but we will not know which sheets belong to which authority department when we need to do exporting or printing.

Autodesk) Work around can be to add a parameter to the views with the Authority name, and then from Project browser organise type by Authority to group under Authority/Department

33) The sheet number can not be hidden from the project browser.

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

34) Option for Plot stamp on prints …indicating file identity like location, scale, user, etc.

Autodesk) Parameters on Title Block can be added .One called “File Path” and the other called “Date/Time Stamp”.

35) Have option for categories to be visible and not printed.

Autodesk) Wishlist Item