Revit MEP

65) Should have more analysis engine for engineers

Autodesk) Wishlist Item. Need more clarification for the type of analysis.

66) Cannot generate the schematic diagram directly from the model.

Autodesk) WishList Item. There is a workaround to switch to coarse mode to get Single line diagram, may not be 100% as required.

67) No cable trunking objects or even system family for it.

Autodesk) Cable Trays are available and can be used

68) No tool to break the elements to see the one below it especially if the elements are stacked at the same place.

Autodesk) Breaking Ducts/Pipes/Cable Trays is Possible but not for Equipments

69) Ducts, pipes or other elements should have a capability to create an opening to other architecture and MEP objects

Autodesk) Wishlist Item. Currently it is assumed that Openings in Architectural components are done by an Architect. However there are 3rd Party Apps which can do the openings in the Linked Model

70) No Tag for the bottom of the pipe in reference to the current floor.

Autodesk) Wishlist item. However Spot Elevation with Relative Elevation Origion to Current Level can be used.

71) Dimension cannot be done in edges of the pipe or duct when directly cut by the Section. Dimension always snaps at center.

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

72) Pipe slope cannot change the direction once placed.

Autodesk) Changing the end point elevation vaules can change the direction.

73) MEP – when groups are mirrored the connectors follow the object and that do not happen in the real construction, right side is always cold water

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

74) Slope of the pipe is not exported to DWF.

Autodesk) Slope Does export to DWF from Revit MEP