Links and groups

23) MEP – Elements (Ducts and Pipes) of the linked model can not be connected together

Autodesk) Can’t join elements from a link with a host file (link is purely a reference)

24) When a project has multiple blocks, have to use work arounds to setup the working documents as Revit does not have multiple project north

Autodesk) Blocks can be created as separate projects and then linked into one overall site file. This will reduce file size and allow user to have individual project norths

25) Untidy section presentation

(image: SAA Architects Pte Ltd)

Autodesk) Under Visibility Graphics – go to Revit Links tab, change display settings to Custom then go to Annotation Categories change to custom then turn levels off.
Apply to view and then create a view template from current view apply this template to all other sections.

26) Accurate quantity calculation / BS score of walls can’t be produced due to overlapping wall

(image: SAA Architects Pte Ltd)
(image: SAA Architects Pte Ltd)

Autodesk) Please provide a sample model file