Design Review

84) DWF takes time of failed to open the files more than 30mb of size. Bigger projects with more than 2 blocks and 20 stories when exported to DWF can not be opened even in machines with higher configuration. Huge files…problem with submission

Autodesk) Need a Sample file for investigation by Support Team

85) Measure tools not able to pick up the edges of the elements those were cut by the sectioning tool

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

86) It is difficult to identify the element in the model tree that has been moved in the model or selected in the model (Highlighted in a very light gray colour)

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

87) Linking of DWF with mark-up works only for the views generated from the sheets (from Revit) but not from the views (Plan, Elevation, Section, etc…)

Autodesk) Wishlist Item

88) Contractors cannot extract useful info from DWF. Can DWF include a wider scope of information from the Revit model?

Autodesk) Wishlist Item. Can we have more information about what information is required to be exported to DWF from Revit