BIM Management


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new three-dimensional modelling technology that allows the building professionals of various disciplines to explore the building project digitally, before it is built. BIM can help to bring about greater integration and collaboration among the developers, designers, builders and fabricators across the construction value chain.

As part of an overall programme to improve the productivity of the construction industry, BCA has formulated a five-year plan to move the industry towards the widespread adoption of BIM.  BCA will mandate electronic submissions in BIM format for architectural, structural and M&E plans for building works for regulatory approval by 2015, starting with architectural e-submissions in 2013.

This 4 day Certification Course in BIM Management is designed for CAD/BIM managers, project managers and other technical and management professionals who are keen to obtain the relevant knowledge and skills that are required to set up a Company BIM Deployment Plan and BIM Project Execution Plan.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are:

  • to provide an understanding of BIM processes and benefits;
  • to educate the participants on issues associated with starting BIM project;
  • to equip the participants with necessary technical knowledge and skills to create Company BIM Deployment Plan and BIM Project Execution Plan.

Target Audience

  • CAD/BIM Mangers, Project Managers and Project Coordinators who are keen to obtain the technical knowledge and skills for creating Company BIM Deployment Plan and BIM Project Execution Plan
  • Designers, engineers, consultants, and other professionals who are keen to upgrade themselves with knowledge of BIM implementation strategies and management skills.

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